Often, reclaimed furniture only has cosmetic or minor structural issues that can be reversed through simple restoration processes. At Re:klaim, not only do we recycle materials for new projects, but we also see the value in bringing new life to the old. Whether it's a large scratch in the surface of a table, a broken spoke on an antique chair, or discoloration due to damage, we love tackling tough restoration projects.

What should you do if you have a project that needs repairs, a new coat of paint, or a complete overhaul? Submit some project details to us using the form to the right or send us an email and we'll respond within 48hrs with a quote.  We'll look over the project and create a customized restoration plan for you to review. If everything looks good we'll finalize details and schedule a pick-up date. Partner with us to reveal your canvas, showcase your design, and make it hand-made. 


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