Reclaimed wood looks great - but it sometimes goes unnoticed; especially when it's only used in furniture and fixtures. The true beauty of reclaimed wood is found in natural canvasses that require continual, daily use - countertops + floors. You've probably seen wood flooring before, you may have seen butcher block countertops, but you've probably never seen either of these surfaces fabricated from reclaimed lumber.

At Re:klaim, not only do we recycle materials for new furniture and fixtures, but we also partner with companies to fabricate and install reclaimed (and new stock) wood countertops + flooring. Replace your old, worn-out countertops with a beautiful new custom butcher block countertop. Change up the carpet and install reclaimed wood flooring. Partner with us to reveal your canvas, showcase your design, and make it hand-made.

What should you do if you have a project that requires reclaimed wood countertops or flooringSubmit some project details to us using the form on the right or send us an email and we'll respond within 48hrs with a quote.  We'll look over the project and create a customized plan for you to review. If everything looks good we'll finalize details and schedule a site visit. Partner with us to reveal your canvas, showcase your design, and make it hand-made. 


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