People ask us often if we provide a "reclaimed" version of remodeling services. The answer is much simpler than it seems: We can when product is available. Depending on the specifics of a project, we may be able to provide a percentage of recycled/reclaimed materials, or we may be able to completely renovate a space using reclaimed products; it all depends on what is currently available. At Re:klaim, not only do we provide "reclaimed" remodeling services, but we also provide new stock remodeling.

What should you do if you have a room or space that you want to renovate? Submit some project details to us here or send us an email and we'll respond within 48hrs with a quote.  We'll look over the space and create a customized remodeling plan for you to review. If everything looks good we'll finalize details and schedule an initial visit for field measurements. Partner with us to reveal your canvas, showcase your design, and make it hand-made. 


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