People ask us often if we provide a "reclaimed" version of remodeling services. The answer is much simpler than it seems: We can when product is available. Depending on the specifics of a project, we may be able to provide a percentage of recycled/reclaimed materials, or we may be able to completely renovate a space using reclaimed products; it all depends on what is currently available. At Re:klaim, provide "reclaimed" and new stock remodeling services.

Maybe you have an office space that needs new life. Maybe you want a vintage feel to your wedding. Maybe you just want your name in lights. Whatever the need, custom marquee signs from Re:klaim Industriale are a great way to retain the vintage, industrial feel of signage while also utilizing the vibrant, dramatic scene that Edison light bulbs can produce.                                                                   

Reclaimed wood looks great - but it sometimes goes unnoticed; especially when it's only used in furniture and fixtures. The true beauty of reclaimed wood is found in natural canvasses that require continual, daily use - countertops + floors. You've probably seen wood flooring before, you may have seen butcher block countertops, but you've probably never seen either of these surfaces fabricated from reclaimed lumber.

When it comes to Re:klaim furniture, bespoke means we'll partner with you to design a specific piece that fits your space. We work with customers on a regular basis to take a simple designs and input new creativity that influences the overall aesthetic of the project. We've started a new Pinterest board dedicated to bespoke projects. As we see unique projects, we'll add them to the Re:Create board for you to look at. See the new Pinterest board here: Re:Create

Often, reclaimed furniture only has cosmetic or minor structural issues that can be reversed through simple restoration processes. At Re:klaim, not only do we recycle materials for new projects, but we also see the value in bringing new life to the old. Whether it's a large scratch in the surface of a table, a broken spoke on an antique chair, we love tackling tough restoration projects.

At Re:klaim, we love board games - which means we love board game tables. If you've ever run out of time with friends and have no way to 'pause' the game, a board game table will become your best friend. Customized to meet both size and design requirements, we work with customers to create a board game table that will fit their home. No more excuses to pack up Mansions of Madness only three hours into the game.