Update // If you were following us in June, you probably saw our initial post on the industrial table project we were working on. We've made a significant amount of progress and we wanted to give you an update on a few unique steps we took on the project. Just to remind you, when we originally met with the customer, the concept was twofold: 1) Using reclaimed lumber, create a hefty top that has a skip-planed surface and semi-gloss finish and 2) Construct an industrial steel base that serves as both a functional and aesthetic structure. Here is what we have been working on:

  • Lumber Alignment // When you work with reclaimed lumber, one of the most difficult tasks is ensuring that adjacent boards are even or "flush". Reclaimed lumber wants to warp and shift when you begin machining the surfaces. We utilized part of our A-Frame leg design to shim and level the table surface to ensure a flush top for the project.
  • Aging // Reclaimed lumber is easy to access. Reclaimed bolts or hardware? Usually a different story. So, we typically purchase new hardware for these projects. The problem is new hardware is shiny. So, we use a process to wash/corrode the bolts until they have an aged look. They turned out great!