Update // We have been working furiously on a project for a local customer that entails creating a new centerpiece for a dining room. When we originally met with her, the concept was twofold: 1) Using reclaimed lumber, create a hefty top that has a skip-planed surface and semi-gloss finish and 2) Construct an industrial steel base that serves as both a functional and aesthetic structure. Here are a few details on what we have accomplished so far: 

  • Lumber // We found some beautiful reclaimed floor joists pulled out of a house that was built in 1910. After planing the back surface, jointing the edges, and cutting to size, we skip-planed the face until it had a semi-rough surface.
  • Steel // Reclaimed and/or recycled steel is incredibly difficult to find, let alone obtain. In this case, we purchased new stock and cut it to size before welding the A-Frame legs together.