Ironwood // This reclaimed table is the perfect blend of industrial and modern. Built from reclaimed Doulgas Fir floor joists salvaged from a demolition project in Washington, DC, this table fits perfect in a space where design-centric families need surface area.


Tables can be merely a surface for meals, homework, board games, mail, and unintended spills or they can be the centerpiece in a home. This table was built to make a statement; and to tell a story. We salvaged Douglas Fir floor joints from a house that was being demolished in Adams Morgan, Washington, DC to use for the top. Not only did we save the material, but the house was built in 1905, so the lumber has an awesome story to tell. Machined to clean all surfaces and yet retain the unkempt, rough-sawn feel of lumber, we cut the 3" x 13" x 20' floor joists to size and tied them together with stabilizing rods. Mount it on top of a custom steel angle base and you have a killer blend of industrial and modern.

As with all Re:klaim projects, we want to inform you of recycled content. The lumber was, as mentioned above, reclaimed from a house that was demolished in Washington, DC. The steel was new stock purchased from a local steel supplier.

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