Mantel // This mantle is a great addition to a new fireplace. Not only does it provide a nice shelf for items of value, but it also creates a beautiful contrast between itself and the rock wall.

A local customer was doing a home renovation in their basement by re-configuring a room and re-cladding the aged facade of a corner fireplace. After the fireplace had it's makeover in stone, the owner then decided to add some character by installing a wood mantel. Provided in rough-sawn format - courtesy of King's Arrow Antique Lumber - we selected a Wormy Chestnut header that was salvaged from a barn in western New York state. After cleaning the mantel, cutting it to size, and finishing it with a tung oil, we installed it directly above the opening in the fireplace. The final look is fantastic!

As with all Re:klaim projects, we want to inform you of recycled content. This project was created using 100% recycled content from a local salvaged/reclaimed lumber company.

Meet Mantel, a Re:build project at Re:klaim Industriale.

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