Study // These shaker-style cabinets and character walnut countertops provide a fresh new look for a local customer's home office. The contrasting oil-rubbed bronze pulls and the dark lines of the walnut countertop really help to make the white lacquer finish on the cabinets stand out.

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Any time you can renovate your office to get a fresh new feel and change the layout, you should (or at least that's what we think). What used to reside in this office was a pair of free standing desks the took up a majority of the central, usable space. By changing the layout and putting the new desks along the wall, the room has opened up considerably and has a much more fluid feel. The cabinets are shaker-style, custom built-ins with a customer-specific white lacquer. The countertops are fabricated from character walnut and have been sanded to 180 and then finished with Waterlox.

As with all Re:klaim projects, we want to inform you of recycled content. This project is an example of when new stock fits into our business model. These countertops were fabricated from new walnut butcher block. The cabinets are plywood.

Meet Study, a Re:build project at Re:klaim Industriale.

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