Update // Last week we began installation on the office renovation project we have been working on. In case you haven't seen anything on this project yet, we are installing Shaker-Styled built-in cabinets and capping them with character walnut countertops. Here are a few details of the installation process:

  • Removal // Obviously any renovation project starts with removal. Out with the old and in with the new. We removed everything from the room as well as pulled some of the base trim off the wall to prepare for installation of the cabinets.
  • Setting // The first step is to set the cabinets. We measured out the location of each cabinet and mounted them to the stud wall so they would be sturdy and secured.
  • Countertops // Next we brought in the countertops and attached them to the cabinets after we centered them in their final resting place. This part of the process can usually cause issues due to crooked or bowed walls - however, it is solvable by caulk, or in extreme cases, scribing.
  • Doors/Drawers/Hardware // The last step is to install the door and drawer fronts as well as the hardware. In this case the owner chose oil-rubbed bronze circular pulls - a great contrast to the white cabinets.

Here are some photos of the installation process: