Update // Last week we finished the huge walnut countertop we had been working on and installed it in a brand new kitchen. The installation process was significant and tedious, but the final product looks fantastic! Here is a quick rundown of what we had to do:

  • Removal // The countertop was designed to fit in between two finished columns with cutouts at each end to achieve a "wrapped" look. Due to the size and installation space requirements, we had to remove three cabinet boxes and four feet of knee wall in order to set the countertop.
  • Placement // One the countertop was set, we went to work on re-wrapping the columns and aligning the countertop to it's final position. Prior to securing the countertop, we had to float it approximately three inches so we could re-install the cabinets that we removed as well as the knee wall.
  • Cabinet/Knee Wall // Simply put, we had to put everything back where we found it. The cabinets were set again and the knee wall was re-installed.
  • Securing // The last step in the process was to secure the countertop. We drilled pilot holes and secured it with wood screws every 18".

Here are some photos of the installation process: