Archipelago // This large clear walnut countertop was fabricated for local homeowners to be used as the central space for their brand new kitchen. Even though the remainder of the kitchen will receive granite countertops, the walnut countertop will definitely help the space look great!

When we initially started this project, the task was daunting. A solid black walnut, 13' long by 4' wide block of wood weighing near 300 pounds. One mistake on a project of this magnitude and you have to start over. However, once we completed the install we couldn't have been more proud (and more relieved). A massive kitchen with granite countertops now feels complete with a beautiful walnut centerpiece that is not only great as a topic of conversation, but also as a permanent, central location for family gatherings. We hope it's a big family gathering, because there is plenty of room.

The countertop was fabricated from clear walnut and was sanded to 180 and then finished with Waterlox.

As with all Re:klaim projects, we want to inform you of recycled content. This project is an example of when new stock fits into our business model. These countertops were fabricated from new walnut butcher block.

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