Manse // These maple countertops were fabricated, fit, and installed in what used to be a manse for the local Presbyterian church. Upgrading from laminate to butcher clock countertops creates a fresh new feel for this kitchen.


What exactly is a manse and why does it require countertops? A manse is where, in this case, the local Presbyterian church used to house the pastoral staff. The house has since gained new owners who decided it was time for upgrades to the kitchen. After they painted the cabinets (which look great) we installed 1.5" thick, edge-grain maple butcher block. Sanded to 180 and then finished with Waterlox, these countertops will be incredibly durable and retain their beauty for many years to come. In addition to new countertops, the small butcher block square is a custom cutting board that is food-prep ready.

As with all Re:store projects, we want to inform you of recycled content. This project is an example of when new stock fits into our business model. These countertops were fabricated from new maple butcher block.

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