Update // Last week we continued working on the biggest countertop we've ever worked on (and the most beautiful). At 13'-4" long, 4' wide, and 1.5" thick, this solid American Black Walnut countertop is absolutely huge. Oh, and it weighs close to 400lbs. Here is a rundown of what we worked on:

  • Sizing/Cutouts // First step: cut the countertop to size. Following full field measurements on Friday, we cut the countertop to the exact finished width and length. After cutting to size, we cut out the openings for the columns, undermount sink, and faucet.
  • Routing // Most countertops we do end up having the standard square edge, but on this countertop we added an ogee bead edge that really completes the high-end look of this piece. The beaded edge does add some complexity to sanding and edge termination, but looks great once completed.
  • Sanding // Sanding takes up most of the fabrication time on a countertop this large. Not only do we use random orbital disc sanders to "ease" the flat surfaces, but we also hand sand with 220-grit to a glass-like finish.