Update // It has been a long and tedious road to full assembly, but we have finally reached a construction milestone on the MBC Rock desk. Assembly has been completed. Now that everything has been fabricated and fitted, the next step is to sand and finish the desk. We were also able to start on the signage for the desk. Here is a short description of what we accomplished this week:

  • Desk // Assembly has been completed. We finished testing all the hardware and attached the front knee wall to the assembled cabinet structure.
  • Signage // We started on the Rock logo signage this week. The logos are fabricated from a plywood template, constructed out of 3/4" Birch ply + pallet lumber, will be wrapped in metal and installed with backlighting.
  • Pallets // We thought 44 pallets was enough to fill all 460ft² of wall cladding - but we came up quite a bit short due to waste and bad pallets. So, this week we disassembled 10 more pallets in preparation of completing the walls.

Here are some photos of the desk + signage in progress: