Update // We again accomplished quite a bit of work last week on the MBC ROCK Student Ministry Entryway project. Now that we have disassembled the necessary pallets and cleaned, sorted, and cut all of the material, the next step is assembly. Here is the process for attaching the pallet lumber to the substrate (in this case chipboard):

  • Layout // The boards are placed into rows after hand-inspecting the spacing and joint alignment. Each board needs to be carefully inspected to ensure no large spaces or misaligned joints end up in the completed panel.
  • Gluing + Nailing // Every board in glued with Titebond II and then fastened in place with a brad-nailer. Nails are shot into the side and ends to help compress open or expanded joints.
  • Trimming // After completing each panel, we trim the ends to the final dimension +2". Final trim cuts will be done in the field. 

Here are some more photos of the wall cladding in progress: