Update // We have been working on the MBC ROCK Student Ministry Entryway project for several weeks now, but this last week we made it to a critical point: entry desk construction. After completing three of the larger pallet walls with two smaller walls and a column wrap yet to go, the next step was to disassemble some more pallets to ensure we had enough material to cover the other walls before beginning construction. In the meantime, we started construction on the entryway desk. Here is what we accomplished so far:

  • Fabrication // The first step to assembling any cabinet is cutting all of your parts. We machined all of the shelves, sides, bases, caps, toekicks, and knee wall structural members. Everything is labelled and marked to ensure no pieces are misused.
  • Dadoing // Since we are working off of an exposed edge style model (meaning the edge of the plywood is visible), it is important that we dado all connection points to ensure sturdy construction.
  • Assembly // Assembly is the slowest, but most fascinating part. Not only does the project start to come together, but you find out if you made any mistakes in the process. Everything is dry-fit, then glued and nailed.

Here are some more photos of the wall cladding and entry desk in progress: