Update // This week, we started working on a local countertop project for a customer. The countertop itself is three parts; one "L" shaped primary kitchen surface, and two smaller tops for the opposite wall between appliances. What may seem like a simple countertop project, can be very difficult if you don't take the proper steps to ensure alignment, spacing, and cutouts. Here is a quick overview of what we completed this past week:

  • Layout+Measuring // Probably the most important part, not only do we measure the lengths, but we also check for variances from front to back and make sure any cutouts (such as a sink) are aligned to both the wall and the sink base cabinet it must set in.
  • Cutting // We trim every countertop to proper length so we don't have to make any field modifications. This ensures that when we bring the tops on site they fit properly and installation is quick.
  • Sanding // The longest and most laborious task of any wood project is sanding, and we take sanding seriously. Most wood materials require significant step sanding or even planing before you obtain a glassy surface. Our goal is to ensure there are no scratches or swirls in the countertops before finishing.

Here are some photos of the countertops in progress: