Update // We began working on a new project recently that combines the usage of reclaimed materials and a unique modern/rustic mixture of design. The project has three primary areas of focus: 1) A rustic, reclaimed table with a square leg design. 2) A mixed-modern console/storage cabinet + shelving. 3) A reclaimed top for a desk. Here is what we have accomplished so far:

  • Lumber // We found some beautiful reclaimed 2x6 lumber (true 2x6s from decades ago). After planing the back surface, jointing the edges, and cutting to size, we skip-planed the face until it had a semi-rough surface.
  • Cabinet // One of the firsts tasks we accomplished was the fabrication and assembly of the console cabinet. Made from simple sandeply plywood, edgebanding, and a bit of mathematics, the 'box' will be the modern portion of the console cabinet.
  • Stains // Obviously one of the most difficult tasks in woodworking is deciding on a final color. For this project we landed on American Walnut for the reclaimed material and Ebony for the modern.