Update // We accomplished quite a bit of work this weekend on the MBC ROCK Student Ministry Entryway project. In order to prepare for construction of the entry desk, we've elected to knock out the wall paneling and move it into storage so we have a large fabrication space for the desk. We worked on the following tasks this last week:

  • Cleaning // We cleaned the boards (remove nails, staples, tags, etc) as we stack them to ensure we don't destroy any tools in the fabrication process. As much as we would like to ensure we remove everything, there are always a few nails left over that we find as we cut and assemble.
  • Sorting // We sorted the lumber into consistent sizes, cutting to size the boards that are too large and weeding out the boards that are too small or have too many defects.
  • Cutting // We ripped (cut lengthwise for size) the lumber to a consistent size and then crosscut the ends to ensure a square edge. These pre-cuts are essential for the assembly process since everything we square-up now will simplify the process later.

Here are some photos of the wall cladding in progress: