Update // We recently started on a project for McLean Bible Church - you may have heard us mention it earlier this month. We are renovating the entryway for the Rock student ministry. What exactly is going into the project? Simple, there are three primary pieces that outline the entryway:

  • Wall Cladding // We are fabricating about 450 ft² of reclaimed wall cladding out of pallet lumber. This process requires quite a bit of work including dis-assembly, cleaning, tessellation on to the plywood substrate (similar to that song by Alt-J), and finishing. The wall cladding should turn out to be an excellent contrast to the entry desk in both style and material.
  • Entry Desk // The primary feature when you enter the lobby of The Rock will be the bar-height desk. We are fabricating a multi-ply, exposed core desk complete with drawers, doors, and open storage. The entire desk will be sanded and finished to create a fantastic centerpiece. To top it off we are installing a special countertop - we'll save that secret for later.
  • Signage // One great feature will be the signage for The Rock that we are mounting on the face of the entry desk. It will be reclaimed signage, backlit with multi-color LEDs, machined to match the logo.

Here are some photos of the wall cladding in progress: