Johnson Level // An old, worn out level from Johnson Level Company received new life and a new home through this restoration process.

This re:store project was great not only because of what was being refinished, but the story behind the replacement as well. We bought and restored a mahogany + brass level manufactured by Johnson Level Company to replace a level that was lost years ago. Where is the original level that was lost? We may never know, but the story is it was either framed into one of two different houses or stolen by leprechauns. Either way, the final product is beautiful. What started as a 4-foot stick of wood and brass was sanded to 220-grit, brass-polished to 400-grit, and finished with four coats of Danish Oil. The final product is very reminiscent of the original level.

As with all Re:store projects, this level was recycled and refinished to continue an environmentally conscious effort to reuse.

Meet the Johnson, a level restoration project at Re:klaim Industriale.

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