Homestead // Standard walnut Merrilat cabinets refinished with a distressed off-white color bring out the country home feel of this beautiful kitchen.

This refinishing project required several extensive steps to ensure a beautiful, yet durable finished product. First, the cabinets were disassembled and sanded in preparation for the first primer coat. Two coats of primer later, the cabinets were then coated with an off-white chalk paint called Van Gogh. After an extended drying time, they were distressed and brushed with a glazing stain to accentuate the edges and recesses on the doors. The finish room was then cleaned and three coats of lacquer were applied to the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and faces.

As with all Re:store projects, the cabinets were recycled and finished on site to continue an environmentally conscious effort to reuse.

Meet Homestead, a kitchen restoration project at Re:klaim Industriale.

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