Thanks for spending the last few months with us here at Re:klaim Industriale! If you haven't noticed, we've been busy with project after project leaving us little time to breathe or post about anything else. We're sorry that we haven't been able to give you any more reviews of companies, details about reclamation practices, or material updates than we have. We're planning on remedying that for 2014. Our goal this year is to grow into a fully sustainable operation providing not only quality reclaimed and new stock products for customers, but excellent information as well. Here is a brief outlook of what we're excited about for 2014:

Countertops // We recently completed a project we called Bayside - maple countertops for a beach house in Chesapeake Beach, MD. If you didn't get to see photos of the project, you can take a look here. As much as we loved those countertops, we are even more excited about the outlook for upcoming work. We have two separate walnut countertop projects that you'll see in the next two months as well as an updated species list. We are also working on a special countertop for an upcoming project that we think you'll be excited to see.

Signage // One of our focuses, Re:Brand, has been rather quiet since it's unveiling. If you've read our posts, you know we want to get involved with local small businesses and this is one of our primary avenues for working with them. So, we've decided to focus on a flagship project that will give some visibility to this focus. Keep checking back for details - we're excited to show you how signage and reclaimed materials can be the perfect marketing tool.

MBC Rock // One of the projects we are most excited about in an upcoming re:build project for Mclean Bible Church. They have decided to update their student entryway by creating a industrial-modern space for students to congregate in. What we're planning on building for them includes an exposed edge construction plywood reception desk with a special countertop as well as some interesting wall cladding. We don't want to reveal too many details, so check back in a few months for details on the status of MBC Rock.

Reviews + Videos // So far we've shown you Centennial Woods and Windfall Lumber - two great companies producing high quality product in a very sustainable way. But they aren't the only companies attempting to create new life out of the old, and our goal is to showcase many more this year. Video tutorials are also a goal for Re:klaim that we didn't make a priority last year. This year, we have big plans for creating high quality video tutorials that we hope will help you with your upcoming projects.

Here's to a great year.