Update // We've been working an extensive amount on a local customer's kitchen renovations. In case you don't remember from last time, the existing kitchen cabinets are Merillat brand manufactured out of American Walnut with a balancing stain to equalize the wood color. Our Re:store goal for this kitchen entails refinishing the cabinets with an opaque off-white paint and a glazing stain followed by a complete lacquer coat. Here is what we worked on over the past week:

  • Chalk Paint Final Coat // The cabinets received their final coat of the off-white chalk paint - the surface color was much more consistent at this point
  • Glazing // This is the step at which the cabinets get a "country-style" feel - we used a brown glazing coat to accent the grooves and corners
  • Lacquer Coat // After 36 hours, we began prep work for cleaning and spraying the topcoat - three coats later the doors are drying and will be ready for assembly soon

Here are some photos of the restoration/refinishing process: