Industry II // Naturally-aged construction spool pine and curved iron pipe shelving create the industrial, yet functional feel of this coffee table.

Manufacturing was again completed at 21” high and 47.5” wide with a 2” thick solid pine top. A perfect centerpiece for a minimalist/industrial space, the spools use to construct the table were reclaimed from an industrial construction site in Dulles and a back yard in Arlington. A lazy susan was added for centerpiece convenience. The curved shelves are iron pipe refinished with black enamel. Three coats of Polyurethane were sprayed to create a smooth finish. Washers+Nuts are all original hardware refinished with black enamel. This spool coffee table is now a centerpiece in a modern living room.

One more detail that adds to the functionality of the table - two of the washers on the top surface are removable to reveal a bottle opener and a corkscrew/stopper combo.

Like all re:klaim tables, these tables are 100% reclaimed/upcycled spool wood to continue an environmentally conscious effort to reuse.

Meet Table #3 of the new Re:klaim Industriale line.

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