Update // We started in on a new project over the weekend providing a fresh new look for a local customer's kitchen. The existing kitchen cabinets are Merillat brand manufactured out of American Walnut with a balancing stain to equalize the wood color. This project entails refinishing the entire kitchen with an opaque off-white paint and a glazing stain followed by a complete lacquer coat. As a part of the refinishing process, we set up an entire finishing booth in the garage to eliminate any transportation to/from the job site. This weekend we were able to tackle a significant amount of work including:

  • Disassembly // Removal of cabinet doors and hardware (one important process note - separate and store your hardware to keep things organized)
  • Sanding // Everything that will be painted is sanded first - this sanding process leaves scratches in the surface to provide good adhesion for the primer coat.
  • Primer Coat // The doors received two primer coats of Kilz to ensure an even topcoat while the cabinet face-frames received a single role-on coat.
  • Chalk Paint Coat // The cabinet doors and the face-frames received their first color-specific chalk paint coat. Everything will require at least one more coat of the chalk paint to ensure a smooth, consistent color.

Here are some photos of the restoration/refinishing process: