Re:Create // Often we get the question: "I like one of your projects, but it just won't fit the space I need it to - could you make another one?" The answer is yes. In fact, we love making bespoke furniture. In case you are unfamiliar with the term bespoke, it is a British-English term that simply means made to fit a particular person. When it comes to Re:Klaim furniture, bespoke means we'll partner with you to design a specific piece that fits your space. We work with customers on a regular basis to take a simple designs and input new creativity that influences the overall aesthetic of the project.

The next question is obvious - where do you get your inspiration and what do you need to provide Re:Klaim to start a new bespoke project? There are many mediums that convey furniture design particularly well, and as much as we would like for you to provide CAD drawings of your idea, the simplest solution is often a photo. In consideration of photos and the recreation of the furniture they convey, we've started a new Pinterest board dedicated to bespoke projects. As we see unique projects, we'll add them to the Re:Create board for you to look at. Find a project on the Re:Create board that you like? Comment on it and we'll get back to you within 48hrs with a quote. You can find our new Pinterest board here: Re:Create

Now that you've seen something you like, what is the next step? Simple - comment on a Pin or send us an Email. We'll respond within 48hrs with a quote. If everything looks good we'll finalize details and begin the picking process for reclaimed materials. Let's partner to reveal your canvas, showcase your design, and make it hand-made. 

Check out the new Re:Create page here: Re:Create // Bespoke