What exactly is the vision behind Re:klaim Industriale? To be honest, it's ever changing, but there are three primary focuses that we've set out to accomplish:


 Create // First and foremost, our passion is with our canvas and our canvas is wood. Creating sawdust will always be a must. Through innovative use of reclaimed materials combined with an aesthetic eye for design, we take pride in every project we fabricate. Wood by itself is beautiful, but we rarely see a design that doesn't incorporate complimentary industrial materials. From metals to lighting to stainless steel, each design takes on a life of it's own as we work out the details on the whiteboard. Custom pieces? Definitely. We work with clients to design and fabricate anything from a sketch to a photo.


Teach // Learning a new craft takes time, and we've had years to shape ours. The only way to continue learning is to constantly invite others to learn with you. As we tackle new projects we'll post details about fabrication, techniques for sanding and finishing, as well as occasional thoughts on the design process. We'll also post interesting blog posts from other contributors on general woodworking topics and DIY projects. When we get the chance, we'll also post tips and tricks on working with reclaimed materials.


Reclaim // Too much is lost and forgotten in the materials world. And too much of the current production cycle is harmful to the environment. We try to do our part by recycling and/or reclaiming as many raw materials as possible and reserving new stock for when it's required. We'll discuss forestry, land management, and log recovery; as well as companies that provide unique reclaimed products. We'll also tackle readily-available materials - how to find usable product, what to look for when cleaning, and things to avoid when shopping.