We're finally launching an official Re:klaim Industriale site. You might be asking yourself the following:

What is Re:klaim Industriale?

Re:klaim Industriale is a custom design & fabrication shop in Northern Virginia that focuses almost exclusively on reclaimed product and industrial design. Built from either new stock or up to 90% reclaimed lumber and hardware, Re:klaim prides itself on beautiful design and eco-friendly products. Re:klaim works with owners to design, build, and deliver a fantastic, top-of-the-line product that fits in great with any interior design, especially an industrial modern feel.


Who is Re:klaim Industriale?

Re:klaim was started by me, Aaron Journot. Who exactly am I? I am a graphic designer, program pioneer, blogger, luthier, musician, pastor, teacher, woodworker, and husband. am a maker - taking the old and making it new again engages me. Wood is the canvas, and there is no better malleable substance on which to put your mark. I've been working on wood since I was ten. My father is a craftsmen, as are my grandfathers, so I guess it’s in my blood. On my first attempt at a tree house, I hit myself in the mouth with a hammer trying to drive a nail up through plywood. I've since improved. My high school shop teacher was my inspiration – I concluded my senior year after four prior pieces of furniture with a Gustav Stickley #634 table. I attended Pittsburg State University where I received a degree in Architectural Millwork and built an acoustic archtop guitar as my senior project. I’ve been a project engineer, estimator, project manager, architectural consultant, and an integration developer; but nothing will ever trump sawdust.


Why Re:klaim Industriale?

Re:klaim began with the desire to take old, broken down furniture and give it new life. Taking the trash out one day only to find an old table ready to be disassembled so it would fit in the bin. Driving down a suburban road passing chair after chair that had been beaten beyond usability. Working at a construction site watching industrial spools roll towards an scrap pile where they would eventually rot. Burning pallets after they were damaged. All of these once usable items had been reduced to disposable commodities. That is where we find our art - our canvas on which to repurpose or recycle something broken into something beautiful. But beautiful furniture can not be born only from scrap. New stock has its place in the world of furniture design. All of these materials have brought us to where we are today.


Everything that has a design, has a canvas - and thus can be created. Wood and metal are my canvas. If you love industrial design and reclaimed materials, we share a passion. Reveal your canvas. Showcase your design. Make it hand-made. 

More to come.